Top Bucket List Sporting Events of 2014: Super Bowl and World Cup Edition

January 1, 2014

Another year. Another chance to check more items off the bucket list.

For sports fans, this may be a make or break year for your list. One of the most prominent events in the world of sports happens in our backyard. Two others are to take place in the most exciting host sites we could possibly imagine!

Still other events – especially if things break right – could be almost as awesome as a Super Bowl or World Cup. You might need to blow up that weekly savings plan to hit up some of these events but, hey, you only live once.

Here is a skinny on the two big ones this year – Super Bowl XLVIII and FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. Coming soon, we will list others coming in 2014 — including events or match-ups we hope will happen. It’s ok to dream, right?

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Super Bowl XLVIII Weekend – January 31-February 2, 2014
Of course, the ultimate goal is to go to the actual game, which could be a record-setting offensive affair — imagine Peyton Manning’s Broncos vs. Nick Foles’ and Shady McCoy’s Eagles or Tom Brady’s Patriots vs. Colin Kaepernick’s 49ers, for instance.

Or it could be a winter wonderland battle. Seeing the first open air east coast Super Bowl could be akin to the NHL Winter Classic or any home game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay – a celebration of football in its purest – and coldest – form. And by the way: Bruno Mars performs during the halftime show.

Furthermore, the Super Bowl is much more than just the game – especially for those that trek to the host region for the weekend. First, UFC 169 takes place at Prudential Center the night before Super Bowl Sunday. The music world supplies shows in NYC that weekend like Janelle Monae, Charlie Wilson and an annual Super Bowl weekend gospel show. Plus there are countless Super Bowl parties throughout the weekend, many of those who attend never set foot inside MetLife Stadium for the game. There’s just lots going on.

One tip if you go
Plan your budget and logistics well. The parties and the nightlife action mostly will be in NYC but the stadium is in East Rutherford, NJ. So no hotels walking distance from the stadium. Traffic on the trains and on the highways should be fun. Plus, this Super Bowl is poised to be
the most expensive ticket ever. So figure that hotel or taxi cab bill will be too.

FIFA World Cup Brazil – June 12 – July 13, 2014
The World Cup is in Brazil. In Brazil! Ok, so what else do you need to know?

Plus, virtually all of the most popular teams are in the tournament – USA, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, etc. Imagine Brazil advancing to the final rounds? Imagine that atmosphere? For fans of nations like Colombia, Ecuador or Honduras – they have winnable opening round matches! Talk about bucket list…

However, Brazil keep in mind is a big country. If the match you want to see if in Rio that’s a great, fun location. But if it’s in Manaus – that’s like in the Amazon. It’s very, very far from the rest of the locations. Also, civil unrest has surfaced in protest of Brazil’s World Cup stadium investments. Does that mean all heck will break loose in June? No. But it’s possible outside some of the stadium sites might have as much a political convention feel as one of a major sporting event.

Here is an interesting travel guide for each host city.

One tip if you go
See Super Bowl tip. If you have on the cheaper end $5,000-$6,000 laying around, you have a chance to do this. Some of the matches have tickets in the three-figure-per-seat range which is very doable. Fans of Honduras, Colombia and Ecuador will have an easier time with tickets than fans of USA or Brazil. But getting flight, hotel and getting around will add up. Plus if you are there for only your team, sadly you may never see Rio or a big-time tourist destination.

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