Mary Mary- Putting the Pop in Gospel Music

November 19, 2013

Mary Mary is a dynamic gospel music duo that has brought gospel music to the masses in modern times.  With music that’s infused with energy, youth, and relatable content, Mary Mary’s music makes for not only a great listen in the car but also for an awesome live music experience.

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Inspiring and Gorgeous- Mary Mary never gets old

This beautiful and melodious pair is composed of sisters, Erica and Trecina Atkins, from Inglewood California. Born in to a musical and deeply religious family of eight children, Erica and Trecina launched their musical careers in a very conventional church choir-type manner. However, they quickly evolved and became back-up singers for various secular R & B artists.

In 1999, “Mary Mary” as a stand-alone entity hit the big-time when two of their songs were placed on an album for the well established, Yolanda Adams. In 2000, their single “Shackles” was able to cross over and make No. 28 on Billboard and crack into the Top 10 list for R & B singles. They have, so far, won two American Music Awards, three BET awards, seven Dove awards, and four Grammy Awards.

This 14 year career is still in full swing. In fact, Mary Mary will be in the tri-state area this holiday season as they perform in Newark, NJ at NJPAC on December 15th. The show that evening will also feature an opening act by comedian, Sinbad, who provides a clean and family friendly comedy routine.

Enjoy the musical brilliance of these two artists live for the holidays with Dahday!

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