Kanye Kardashian is Obnoxious. But Kanye West has a point.

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December 17, 2013

What if Kanye weren’t as crazy and ridiculous as he sounds, and was actually making a valid point? What if Kanye is just  as arrogant as anyone else in Hollywood, and just happens to be less socially established and Black?

As obnoxious as Kanye West’s behavior has been over the last year, the dude may have a point…a few of them actually. Firstly, for all of the entertainment provided by the African diaspora, they control too little of their own production, management, and supply chains. Secondly, elites will always resist change and new entrants. Lastly, artists have the right to create what they want- a true fan will explore with any artist they claim to love.

kanye west dahday hiphop events 2Let’s pry through his crazy audio and examine the substance of his arguments:

Point #1- Black artists control to little of the back-end behind entertainment and pop culture production. Kanye has a right to gain more control of the music and fashion industry he’s contributed so much to.

In 2011, Nielsen partnered on a report that showed Black buying power in America to be at $1.1 trillion, making 165.7 shopping trips per household over the past year, versus with 153 trips for non-blacks.  Black athletes make up almost 70 of the NFL and almost 80% of the NBA. In music, black make up over 90% of Billboard Top 50 hip-hop artists.

Yet, of the all Greatest Top 10 fashion designers of all time, not one is non-white. Of Top Ten clothing retailers, all are white males. Just 1 NFL Franchise has black majority ownership while just 12% of NFL head coaches. In the NBA, black hold majority ownership of 11 of the league’s 32 teams and have 14 head coaches. In music, not one of the current presidents of the major record labels is black.

What would happen if the African diaspora in the Americas controlled more of their own means of creativity and self-expression? Who would benefit economically and who would be politically threatened by such a shift?


Point #2- Fashion Industry Elites are actively against Kanye and other black designers from becoming elites and gaining access to the large markets they have enjoyed for decades.

While we have no objective proof of the resistance against burgeoning designers, it only makes sense. Only so many people can fit into one car. So if Kanye and other young designers want seats, it means one or more of those already inside are going to have to get out…so instead they would logically scream: “Close the effing door! There’s no space in here.”


Point #3- He has the right as an artist to explore his own creative license.

As a fan music duo, Daft Punk, it was annoying when electric dance music fanatics complained about the more “funk” route taken by the group in their latest album “Random Access Memories.”  If you’re a real fan, should you not trust your artist and explore with them?

Moreover, artists are by nature creatives.  And so if they continued to make the same type of music all the time, they would embody the antithesis of creative. And for artists such as Kanye, music has always been a mode of self-expression and exploration. And so in the same way that fans have the right to like the music they like, musicians have the right to make or not make the music they love. Real fans understand that.


kanye west dahday hiphop events
How fair is it to pin an artist to their first work?

Okay, we got it Kanye…

As a real fan of Kanye, the solution at this point is to shut up and innovate. We have heard your side of the story and we sympathize. But that’s all we minions can do until you make something that we like enough to buy. Go around the elites as much as possible, build more bridges and burn only those in need of burning, and be the creative genius we all grew to love.

So  there is Dahday coming to the rescue of the misunderstood and poorly interpreted, Kanye West. He may be obnoxious…but he may be onto something.
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