Dahday's Picks For Hottest MLB Baseball Tickets – Opening Day To All-Star Break Edition

March 26, 2014

Eventually the weather will get consistently warmer (we hope!). The change into April means the local MLB teams head north to start another baseball season.

Collage baseball_edited-1If you are looking to head out to the ballpark this year, we have some ideas. This post focuses on the hottest tickets from April through the All-Star break which is mid-July. We also have made our “coolest” picks, which provides games with the best value for your dollar, like a good match-up with a giveaway promotion, for instance.
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New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox – Saturday, April 12 at 1:05pm
We know it pains to read this Yankees fans, but the World Series champion Boston Red Sox  – David Oritz and all – come to the Bronx for the first time this season this early April weekend. It’s a three-game series but the hottest Yankees ticket for almost any series is the Saturday afternoon affair. Friday and Sunday night games tend to require more determined travel planning but fans have all morning to get to Yankee Stadium for a 1 o’clock game. Plus, you might get to see a fan fight if you go!

New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners – Tuesday, April 29 at 7:05pm
One big name and one growing name in baseball will soon both have to face against each other and their old teams. Robinson Cano was signed to the Mariners with a widely publicized $240 million 10-year contract in 2013, and will now be playing his former teammates in the Yankees.  What kind of reaction will Cano get as a Mariner back in the South Bronx? That will be fun to watch. The Yanks have their own traded up and comer in the pitching rotation, Michael Pineda, who came from the Mariners in 2012 but has been dealing with a shoulder injury up until recently.

Subway Series: New York Yankees vs. New York Mets at Yankee Stadium – Monday & Tuesday, May 12-13 at 7:05pm; New York Mets vs. New York Yankees at Citi Field – Wednesday & Thursday, May 13-14 at 7:10pm
Also coming up is another continuation of the Yankees and Mets rivalry. The Yankees may be still smarting from former player Curtis Granderson’s comments last December, when right after jumping ship he almost immediately made a tongue-in-cheek claim that real New Yorkers are Mets fans. However, the Mets find themselves having to back these words up, as unfortunately for them most New Yorkers don’t agree – even New Yorkers in Queens. These games pit couples, families, friends and co-workers against each other. They are a blast to attend. This match-up is early enough where neither team will be eliminated in the standings. Plus, seeing a game at either ballpark will have the fun sub-plot of seeing and hearing fans as The Grandy Man takes the field.

Old Timers Day: New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles – June 22, First Pitch TBD
This game is one special game many Yankees fans – and fans of baseball history – circle on their calendar each year. This promotion involves a whole day of festivities including an old-timers game starting in the morning and most poignantly the parade of ex-Yankees from all generations before first pitch – Yogi, Reggie, Tino – and this year, presumably Mariano – among others. The saying goes “there’s no crying in baseball,” but Yankees fans have been known to shed a tear on this very special day.

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Friday, June 27 at 7:05pm
The Phillies aren’t poised to sell out every game as in the past, but this match-up would likely produce a packed house. This first of a three-game series combines an important rival – the 2013 NL East champion Braves – with a time-honored Philly fan favorite, a post-game fireworks show. On the field, expect some fireworks as well. The Phillies have a lot of veteran players trying to enjoy one last playoff run while the younger Braves strive for a repeat.

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