Dahday’s Five Favorite Clips of The Late Juan Formell’s Los Van Van

May 2, 2014

In honor of the legendary Los Van Van founder Juan Formell, who died on May 1, here are Dahday’s five favorite live clips of this timba powerhouse:

Here is Los Van Van performing “Se Muere La Tia.” Formell is playing the bass guitar:


Led by the fedora-donning lead singer Pedro Calvo, here is Los Van Van performing “Por Encima Del Nivel (Sandunguera).” Anyone who has seen Los Van Van live knows Calvo always makes sure to bring up on stage a lady to dance with before the show is over:


Los Van Van made a controversial tour stop to Miami in 1999, with thousands of protesters outside the arena – and thousands of adoring fans inside the arena. Here is a clip of the entire concert:


Here is the band performing “Seis Semanas” at the same 1999 Miami Arena concert:


Finally, here is the legendary group performing the aptly named “Somos Cubanos:”

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